The dramatic, wild landscapes, lonely mountains and bracing seascapes that Stephanie chooses to paint, aim to snatch as much of the sensation in that environment as possible.  Stephanie is a palette knife painter and almost all her oil or acrylic work is done by palette knife. She likes to work with lots of colour and if working on canvas, texture on the canvas becomes a big part of the final piece, sculpted or smoothed with the knives.

Her work is a reflection of images and experiences she's collected, of places she's visited or read about. The mountains are special, she love to be in them or on them and it happened for her to paint them, as you should paint an image you love or has meaning to you. One of Stephanie's favourite things is to hear about other people’s adventures and stories in these places so they might shape her own experiences and understanding. There are often extremes of environment in the places that Stephanie choose to paint and this is mirrored in the extremes of light and shadow and colour in the paintings. A suggestion of the textures of the environment is offered by the textures presented on the canvas.

Stephanie hopes to offer the viewer a new experience of the landscape. If they are familiar with it; then something new for the eye to see. If they have limited experience of the environment then a ‘trailer’; an enticement of what is to be found there and the rewards one can reap if one is prepared to ascend, wander, climb, walk in all weathers.


Each time Stephanie starts a new painting, she draws upon her experiences and tries to paint it into the layers of paint. What emotion she felt, what colours she saw, what mood it created, what she could physically feel.  Each time Stephanie learns as an artist too – she tries to improve her skills, move the paint around in new and different ways that allow her to interpret the felt feelings so the viewer may glimpse what she saw and felt that day. Sometimes, the creation of a painting lies in its destruction, with layers sometimes being peeled, scraped or chipped back before new layers are added, emulating the way landscapes are constantly worn down and recreated.

"Its wonderful being able to offer people a unique way of bringing a part of a fond or breathtaking landscape, the colours and textures and emotions, into their home."