The New Man in my life

So its been a few months since I posted, sorry about that but we've been busy. New baby and all. Yip! He arrived all safe and sound at the beginning of November, a cute, scrunched up ball of hunger.  

We're 12 weeks down the line and I didn't think I would be saying this but...I have managed to do some work! GASP! One of the many wonderful things that happen when you become a parent (Parents can read as much sarcasm into that last bit as they like...) is that you become super efficient and very good at multitasking. Compressing several jobs into one smooth action, executed with no time wastage at all, you get through the day LITERALLY juggling all your tasks. Of course, sometimes it comes crashing down and you have to roll with that and expect it to happen from time to time, but for the most part, efficiency is key and I am always looking for tiny efficiency gains in my day.

Having Meg already and all her routines etc, Mr Man had to fit in with the Nobles and he has, oddly leaving me some time in the mornings for work or at weekends if husband can watch the kids. Its allowed me to have some time to myself and continue my work - albeit on a very reduced service - all of which help to keep me sane.  Though he's sleeping less and demanding more now, so things might change again for a while. I am also able to put him in the gym creche now, so some of my mornings are dedicated to recovering my pre-baby body (hahahahaha! well, Im hoping to get as close to that as possible). The impact of which is less time available to me in the studio. But the days are getting longer and so the possibility of me working after the kids have gone down, is opening up to me again. The studio lives on! Viva la studio! 

On another note, I was chatting to a friend who is a blogger (Aly Harte Ohmygodherblogisamazing! go check it out she is a talented artist and mum and lifestyle blogger) and I was thinking about all the lovely stuff she puts in her blog and how its about her life and experiences. I rarely use my blog because unless its directly about my work, or isn't an epic piece, Its not worth putting in. Well. I am changing that. My blog, my rules. I am going to start using this to document some of my thought processes, experiences (positive and negative) and encounters. It won't all be epic. It might be a few lines, but I promise to start using it more and opening up a bit. Hoping you'll join me...It will be an efficient adventure!