Inktober, that’s a wrap!

Hey guys & dolls! If you have been following the adventure that has been ‘Inktober’ on my social media, you’ll know a bit about it already but if you haven’t, here’s a summary:

To take part in Inktober is to produce a daily sketch or painting or piece in ink, every day for the month of October. I have decided to sell each of these drawings to raise money for Tommy’s - a charity researching the causes of infant loss through miscarriage, premature birth and still birth. October is Infant loss awareness month which is why I chose to attach myself to this charity in particular. I have many friends and family that have experienced infant loss in one form or another  , in fact, it was only when people started getting in touch to say thank you did I realise quite how many people are affected by this.  So each drawing was sold for £25 and £15 of that goes to the charity (for more information or to make a donation to Tommy’s charity, go to 

So here we are, at the end of it. I feel elated and shattered and relieved and sad and bold. So many feelings about it. It has been intense, I have never done anything like it before. I suppose its sort of difficult with creatives as you cant just paint/draw/sketch and turn it on when you need to, you really do have to be in the right mindset. This has been an exersise in focus and discipline for me. I have been planning my sketch through the day and how I will execute it and then I have to sit down and ‘make it happen’. Most of the time I screw up and if doing it over again, I’d change something. But I guess that is the beauty of a sketch, its normally a starting point or a reference, rarely a finished piece. 

I’m relieved because its basically eaten up every ounce (and more) of my free time this month. I’m pretty shattered, not getting to bed until at least midnight and then waking around 4am to feed a baby and get repeatedly poked in the eye. Sometimes we sleep for another 2 hours, sometimes my day starts at 4am....I feel like Inktober should come with some sort of warning;

“Do not participate if you a) Have a partner that works late, or b) have a young family or c) have a full time job or d) value lying on the sofa watching box sets or e) may experience any sort of emergency or family drama “

If this warning had been attached, I might have re-considered.... but its like anything I guess, it requires sacrifice otherwise its not worth doing etc. As if it weren’t already difficult, right in the middle of it all the kids both went down with chicken pox, but not at the same time. So as far as timing goes, that sucked. So I am glad its just the one month. Having said that, the stuff I’ve gotten to do has been superb. I used a Chinese brush for the first time (and love it!) I have drawn stuff I wouldn’t have considered in styles I never would have tried. Every single time, giving me chance to grow as an artist and open my mind a bit to new ways and new subject matter. It’s also been great to see what my followers respond to best, that way I can encorperate those things into my work.

Ive had a few disappointed peeps, because they missed out on a piece - I’m happy to say that some of them literally went so fast! - but worry not, there are some pieces left, they are all under the ‘Inktober’ page on the website and if they are available, will say so underneath. Postage & Packaging to the UK is around £5 and whilst I am happy to post internationally, the postage cost will be a bit higher.  Also if there is something you missed out on but would like your own version of, I do accept commissions, so drop me a message and we can talk. 

So, will I do it next year? I plan to. It might not be exactly the same but I would love to do something for Inktober again. I have enjoyed it in a sort of tortured way and even though its ending I will try to do at least one sketch a week in the evening, just to keep up the practise and the discipline of it. 

Out of 31 drawings and paintings, I am so pleased to say that at this point 27 pieces sold and I will be donating the remainder of the drawings to Tommys to auction of at their next fundraiser. A total of £450 was raised for Tommys charity which is SUPERB considering it came out of some ink on paper. I hope the cash can help contribute to the astounding research Tommy’s provide and allow better insight into infant loss and find much needed preventative measures. Folks, your support has been nothing short of amazing. You have made this happen as much as I have so congratulations to anyone who bought an original or engaged with the process, its been a blast. Thanks for the ride!